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Buttercooky Bakery | Floral Park Italian Bakery

“Baked with Butter, Makes It Better”

For over 50 years Buttercooky Bakery has served Long Island residents fresh-baked cookies, pastries and cakes. Our flagship store has become a Floral Park fixture and our Manhasset store has been building a following for a decade and counting. At Buttercooky, our quality shows in every delicious bite. We use only the finest ingredients available to create our baked goods. Buttercooky Bakery offers a variety of traditional European confections, as well as a wide array of cookies, pastries, pies and cakes for all occasions.

Buttercooky Bakery opened its doors September 1962 in Floral Park, NY. Since that day, we have made it our mission to supply the Long Island community with the highest quality and freshest baked goods. Living by our trademarked motto, “Baked with Butter, Makes It Better.” From these humble beginnings, we have continued to grow and expand in our never-ending pursuit for excellence, and have gained a loyal following. In February 1996, our Floral Park location expanded into the storefront next door giving us more space to create our delicious desserts. This additional space allowed us to increase our productivity and broaden our product line.

As we made more cakes and pastries, customers began flooding our store to pick up our wares and our popularity grew. This increased demand for our high quality items warranted us opening up our second location in November 2005 in Manhasset, NY. Buttercooky Bakery has grown to become a local hot spot. It’s proximity to the Long Island Railroad and location in the heart of the town of Manhasset have allowed it to flourish. In the coming year, we will be expanding this location to better serve our customers.

Our Buttercooky Bakery family continues to grow thanks to our superior products and loyal customer following. We are honored to have been a part of your celebrations in the past and look forward to serving you in the years to come!